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Plesk backup domains from command line (multibackups)

January 18th, 2009

Once I needed to backup all my 200 domains from Plesk, exclude 5-6 domains. There is no opportunity to do it via Plesk web-interface.. (You can only schedule each(!) domain separately).

So, after long time search, I’ve found my own solution.

I’ve wrote simple bash-script:


maxbackups=2 # 3-1=2, numering from zero

counter=`head -n 1 $file`
let counter=counter+1
if [ "$counter" -gt "$maxbackups" ]; then
    let counter=0
`echo $counter > $file`

for domainname in `ls -l /var/www/vhosts/ | grep ^d | awk '{print $9}'`
`/usr/local/bin/pleskbackup --domains-name $domainname --output-file=ftp://user:password@server/$domainname-$counter.xml.tar --exclude-domain-file=/root/pleskbackup/excludelist`

New feature: you can now store more than one backup! Just create file with name “counter” and contents “0”. Enjoy!

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